Future of online video.

Video is taking content marketing by storm, but you’ll have to do more than just make one to realise its full potential.

Video marketing has taken over banner & text advertising in a big away since last year and it’s going bigger due to high mobile internet penetration. The rise of YouTube and other video sharing platforms like Vine are also taking part an important role in video advertising. Social media websites like Facebook & Twitter also making video marketing more easily.

At the time of writing this post, a video to promote the six nations for one of my clients. The promotional video has been boosted via facebook and stats currently stand at 20,000 people reached (appeared in their feed), and 10,000 have fully engaged by watching the video, all within 6 days. Thats 50% engagement. With boosted targeting focused on Cardiff and the surrounding areas, the potential for promotion nationwide, or even worldwide, is quite considerable.

# Video is engaging.

As we know image is more engaging than text, so if you combine text, image and sound then it would be more engaging. Video is a better form of communication to tell the story about your brand/product to your potential customers where a text or image can’t. A video can give you good brand visibility, viral about your brand and conversion.

# Video can increase the brand visibility.

Just imagine when you see an advertisement of a product on local newspaper and in the next day you when you see its ad on TV then your trust factor about the brand increases, similarly in Online video advertisement case.

# Video helps to increase sales conversion.

Most of the customers do some research online before they buy anything from a brand. Either they search Google or watch video on YouTube. If your brand has a good video which has a proper description, tittle and sitemap then it may come on the first page of Google search when a customer types any keyword relevant to your product.

# Mobile video advertisement is going cheaper.

Now days the eCPM price is cheaper than normal CPM price. As mobile internet penetration is going higher so don’t miss this opportunity to promote your brand’s video targeting to mobile device users. If you are promoting videos targeting the mobile users then you can cut down the marketing costs.

# YouTube is going very big and now 3rd largest search engine in World.

Your video can get good visibility on YouTube & social media as-well if your brand is producing engaging content for its customers. You can produce emotional content for your customers and at the same time you can engage your brand. More brand visibility and virility could be done through your YouTube’s video. Don’t miss this opportunity.

# YouTube’s In-stream ad may be helpful for you.

If you just want to create a brand awareness activity then I think you must go for YouTube’s In-stream trueview advertising. You don’t need to pay YouTube to insert your ad before someone else’s video until the users sees your ad minimum 30 second. Now days most of brands prefer to go for YouTube’s In-stream advertising rather than spending money on SEM and Paid social media.

# You can now send Video inside the email box.

With the rise of new mobile device smartphones & support of HTML5 & other rich media formats by them, you shouldn’t miss video email as a part of your strategy to increase conversion & CTR. Now you can send embed video inside email by using tools such as Vidoomail.com & can track performance in real time.

# You can generate leads by using Video.

Video was only used for engagement & brand awareness, but now things have changed. You can use a Video to generate leads also. Most of marketers are integrating video campaign with their CRM to capture leads. You can give a try to Vidyard.com

# Video SEO is rising.

It was a time when internet marketers were focusing On-page & Off-Page SEO for their websites to get appear on search results. Time has come to do same stuff for Video aswell. Your video will appear on Google & YouTube search results relevant to your keywords, title & tag. You should not miss this big opportunity.

# Rise of personalized Video marketing.

Currently most of marketers are using 3rd party data to show more personalized video ads on publishers property. Video advertisement has now become data driven. Your video ads will be shown to right audience who has interest to your brands.

If your brand still does not have a video, then why are you waiting so far? Go and create a demo video or description video about your product/brand.

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